Purchasing Services

The SolNav ecosystem extends beyond navigation, offering a comprehensive suite of services to enhance every aspect of your driving experience. With $SolNav, our native digital currency, users can access a wide range of services offered by our esteemed partners. From maintaining the shine of your vehicle with car washes to fueling up at gas stations, enjoying a meal at roadside restaurants, or getting that much-needed car fix or upgrade, $SolNav makes it all more accessible and rewarding.

A World of Services at Your Fingertips

Car Washes: Keep your vehicle sparkling clean with easy access to car wash services across multiple locations. Pay with $SolNav for convenience and enjoy special offers exclusive to SolNav users.

Gas Stations: Fuel up on the go without the hassle of traditional payment methods. Use $SolNav to pay at partner gas stations, streamlining your refueling stops and getting you back on the road faster.

Restaurants: Turn every meal into an adventure. Discover new dining spots or revisit your favorites, all while enjoying the ease of paying with $SolNav. Look out for special dining deals and experiences reserved for our community.

Car Fixes/Upgrades: Whether it's routine maintenance or upgrading your ride, $SolNav partners with a variety of service providers to meet your vehicle's needs. Pay with $SolNav to enjoy competitive rates and exclusive service packages. Other examples:

  • Vehicle Insurance

  • Warranties

  • Tax Reimbursing

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