App users who have driven the most miles will be featured on the SolNav leaderboards. Additional rewards will be given to the top 10 leaderboard rankings at the end of every quarter.

Leaderboard: Where Distance Means Rewards

The leaderboard is our way of highlighting the champions of the road, the drivers who've gone the furthest. It's a simple yet powerful concept: the more kilometers you log, the higher your name climbs on our list.

Being at the top of the leaderboard is your ticket to exclusive rewards, airdrops, and recognition within the SolNav community. Your dedication to driving and exploring rewards you not only on the road but also in perks and benefits.

Every kilometer you drive with SolNav counts, bringing you closer to the leaderboard's peak. Regular driving and consistent use of SolNav are your best strategies to ascend the ranks.

Ready to Become a Legend?

Start your engines and let every mile take you closer to the top of the leaderboard. Drive, earn, and claim your place among the top drivers in the SolNav community.

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